Road to Venice Type was established with the premise to design fonts in constructive conversation with type history, reflected in or seen through a contemporary and forward oriented perspective. The intended output is a typeface that conveys meaning, but stands back enough to communicate the written message and functions the way it should.

Road to Venice Type is directed by René Rieger. Additionally to offering retail fonts we tailor to specific needs, whether it’s expanding by weight, width or character set.

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  • How can fonts be purchased on your site?
  • You choose a specific style or family of a typeface, then you choose a license type. To complete your order fill in the billing form and checkout with your credit card.

  • Will my purchase be refunded when the fonts don’t work as intended?
  • Please inspect carefully if the typefaces suit your needs before the purchase, we can’t offer refunds when you change your mind. For technical issues with the font please notify us and we’ll work on that.

  • Do you provide other license types other than the ones listed on your site?
  • If you intend to use our fonts in apps, for example, or any other way, get in touch.

  • Do you update your fonts?
  • We might update our fonts occasionally and you can contact us for the new files, if you bought an earlier version.

  • Is my language supported by the font I am buying?
  • Please have a look at our specimens, for the supported languages.

  • Why are there sometimes strange word-number combinations shown at the front page?
  • The combinations are generated in a random fashion taken from a pool of collected words and numbers. They are meant to display the features of the typeface. No harm is intended. You can contact us, if you encounter an offensive combination and we will discuss if we remove it.

    We are always interested in how our fonts are being used. If you have some examples of your work, we would appreciate a glance on it.




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